Wilderness First-aid Classes in the Bay Area

It’s summer time. That means it’s time for fun family adventures. Given how severe the effects of this Grand Recession have been, many American families are taking to camping trips here at home instead of flying across the Atlantic where the cost of fuel, food, and a hotel can break the bank. And yet there are special perils associated with being out in the woods. You’re in contact with different types of animals, plants, herbs and in a foreign environment altogether. That means you need to take special steps to ensure you’re adequately prepared for any kind of mishap. Enter Concord. We offer classes and kits in every kind of crisis situation you can possibly imagine. Say, for example, while admiring all that one of our national parks has to offer, you break a limb and begin bleeding profusely.

Or, say, for another, you get bitten by a particularly dangerous kind of spider. Our wilderness first aid kits and preparation classes can go a long way to keeping your vacation a vacation instead of an unmitigated disaster. Furthermore, our wilderness first aid preparation can go a long way towards preventing your untimely death. (While an unpleasant thought to be sure, it is, in fact, possible, to die while vacationing in the wilderness.) In short, our wilderness first aid preparation can help prevent something bad from happening or prevent something bad from becoming something catastrophic. In our wilderness first aid courses, we’ll show you how to stop heavy bleeding so that you can buy some time until you can get help; we’ll show you how to treat snake and spider bites; we’ll even show you how to attract the help of authorities if you become incapacitated. Perhaps most importantly, our wilderness first aid plan will show you how not to get yourself into a potentially sticky situation to begin with. Nothing works, in our opinion, like prevention. Know, moreover, that our wilderness first aid courses are taught only by seasoned professionals who can anticipate accurately all of the special challenges you’ll face specifically in the wilderness. There are some hazards, of course, that exist only the wild.

Trust our experts to help you identify the biggest threats, and tell you how to avoid them and conduct damage control if in trouble. Lastly, know our wilderness first aid courses are backed up by some of the best customer service in the entire industry. Concord knows you have other options when it comes to wilderness first aid classes. It wishes to earn your business not only once, but for a lifetime. As a result, our wilderness first aid classes will always be priced competitively, they will always be taught by the best in the field and they will always convey useful, lifesaving information. Count on Concord’s world-class wilderness first aid classes to help you and your family enjoy thoroughly your summer vacation this year. The more we educate you about the hazards of the wilderness, the better you’ll be able to avoid them.