CPR Certification for Marin & Sonoma County Coaches

CPR Classes for Coaches in Marin

First-aid Classes for Coaches in Marin

CPR/First-aid Combined class for Coaches in Marin


CPR and First-aid is required for Marin County coaches

CPR & First-aid certification is mandatory for Marin County Coaches

Sonoma County and Marin County coaches must be certified in both CPR and first-aid by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. If you are a coach, you are responsible for the life of the children you are coaching while they are in your care. Be prepared. Take a CPR and First-aid training class with the American Heart Association so you can respond in an emergency.

Soccer coaches, football coaches, basketball coaches, baseball coaches, and track coaches must have current CPR training. The American Heart Association in Marin and Sonoma teaches these courses on a regular basis. See below the upcoming classes or call us at 4707-595-2528. Warning: there are a lot of scams on the internet for fake online CPR and First-aid classes. Do not take one of these bogus classes. They are not valid for coaches.