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It seems at this point there’s an app for everything–even first-aid and CPR.  In fact there are multiple apps you can download for your smart phone and tablet to keep handy.  There are all sorts of reasons and scenarios that could happen in San Rafael and is why you should keep them handy even if you’ve recently taken a first aid class or CPR course in San Rafael.  The apps are excellent supports if a crisis arises.  They allow you to quickly access vital information from the devices you typically have with you — like your smartphone.

The following apps are some to consider installing on your mobile phone.  If you’re taking your family camping or coaching the local Little League, you might want to consider these apps.  No matter where you go or what you do, you’ll find that a need for first aid services might arise anywhere.  Once stored on your smart phone, it will be there in case you need it, as will your First-Aid Certification in San Rafael.

Pocket First Aid & CPR
This smart phone app by the American Heart Association contains thirty-four videos and more than forty illustrations.  Not only is the app’s content streamlined and organized so that you can find the information you need quickly, it has been revered for its life-saving knowledge and featured by such news organizations as NPR, CNN, and London Daily Mail.  Use it with your iPhone or Android.

American Red Cross First Aid App
This helpful app compatible with both iPhones and Android phones allows users to access instant information during an emergency.  Its videos contain step-by-step information.  With interactive quizzes, the app also feels like a tutorial.  When you need a refresher, this is a great app to browse through.  Additionally, the app is integrated with 911 services.  If you are going off-grid, so to speak, and will be out of internet range, the preloaded content on this app is a must-have.

CPR Tempo
This app designed for iPhones provides users with both visual and audio support during an emergency.  The provided cues allow help by timing chest compressions during resuscitation.  Additionally, timers are provided for defibrillator shocking and epinephrine use.  The app comes with a tutorial that users should become familiar with before using the app.

Ideal for healthcare students or someone involved in a CPR class, this app is a medical simulator that allows students the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in order to be better prepared for a real crisis.  It may be too advanced for people who have no medical training, but if you do have first aid and CPR skills, this might be a great app to test that knowledge base and improve your performance should a real crisis arise.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared and in addition to having an app the best way to be prepared is to receive your First-Aid training class in San Rafael.  These apps allow you the back-up you need when you’re faced with a medical crisis — either by someone you love or perhaps a total stranger.  The fact is, emergencies can happen anywhere.  At least if you have access to ready information on your smart phone, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenge of helping someone when help is vital.