Novato CPR Classes

When hearing health statistics, sometimes it can fill the listener with a sense of dread. Health matters are a serious consideration, and watching out for personal health is important. The other side of those statistics however, can be the concern that at some point while living in Novato, CPR could be a skill that’s needed. Everyone at anytime might be called upon to help in a number of emergencies, from choking to a serious accident. It is good to know how to help a friend, relative, or another resident of Novato. CPR classes can help anyone become prepared to face those disturbing statistics about safety and health armed with the knowledge of how to help.

In a community the size of Novato, someone could require CPR at anytime. When someone has a heart attack, the most critical time is within one hour of the first symptoms. There is however, a lower mortality rate for those how receive treatment in a hospital before that first hour is up. When walking the streets of the community it is impossible to know which person will next experience a heart attack. Anywhere in the world and in Novato, CPR will at some point be necessary to save a life.

Research in the United States reveals the grim statistics that nine people drown each day in the U.S. and in most incidences this is in a recreational setting. In a town where water sports are a principle, entertainment knowing what to do in a drowning situation is vital. In Novato, CPR classes could help anyone, not just lifeguards know what to do in the crucial minutes after someone loses consciousness underwater. Swimmers are not the only ones at risk. Drowning can happen to anyone at any time after slipping or falling into water, or in certain weather conditions, some are even swept into the water by a large wave. For a resident of Novato, CPR classes covering what to do to aid a water accident victim is a good safety measure.

For those living in Novato, CPR classes taken in the past could need to be renewed. Guidelines for giving CPR were changed in 2010 by the American Heart Association. Understanding these changes could increase confidence, and the ability to remain calm during a crisis. In Novato getting information offered by Concord CPR, classes for the public cover not only CPR but also the use of defibrillator. For anyone who took courses in the past that didn’t cover this information a refresh course is a good idea.

In Novato, CPR courses are available to the general public. Look for courses that are not for a specific field. Some community courses cover CPR for adult, children, and infants. Look for courses that have plenty of space for practice, as this is the most important part of the class for most students. The certification card that students receive after taking the course is good for two years. At anytime in Novato, CPR might be needed and those who have taken a course will be able to offer this life saving gift of knowledge to a stranger, a neighbor, or someone they love.