Novato CPR Certification Classes by the American Heart Association

CPR, BLS, & First-aid Classes in Novato, CA

 First-aid, CPR, AED, BLS, ACLS Training Courses in Marin County

The American Heart Association is a provider of certified CPR renewal, certification, and recertification classes in Novato, California. If your card is ready to expire or you need to take a class for the first time, you can view our upcoming courses here.

FAQ Questions About CPR 


After I take my class when do I receive my card?
If you take a class with us, you will receive your certification card on the day of the class to take home with you. Since we are an AHA CPR/BLS Training Center (license number 20784), we are able to hand out the cards right away. Some other schools in Marin County are not licensed so they must process the cards which can take up to 30 days for you to receive by mail.

I was thinking about taking an online First-aid/CPR course? Are they accepted?
There is an internet scam that has been around for a few years called “online CPR classes”. The scam works like this: You go to a website, pay about $50 and then print out a CPR card from your home computer – all within 3 minutes! Does this sound like a legitimate official CPR course?

Since you did not practice on manikins, did not watch any videos, read any information, or take a test, it is not a real certification. The card you print from your computer would not be accepted for any type of job requirement in Marin or Sonoma County. Warn your friends and coworkers about this latest internet scam.