CPR Classes near Petaluma

It’s unbelievable that many do not realize the value of CPR training, nor do they understand why they should learn it in early in life as possible. CPR is one of the most valuable skills that anyone can learn which is why Safety Training Seminars offer several classes for CPR. Petaluma residents can sign up for those classes that are available for the general public, and there are also classes available for those who are medical professionals.


Register for CPR Petaluma

Is it time for your to renew your certification for CPR, or to get your certification for CPR? You can now register through Safety Training Seminars when you visit our website. Registration is easier than ever when you can do it online, and you can register for any of our classes. Our website will show you what classes are available right now as well as those that are coming up in the near future. We offer private group classes as well, and for those that have 14 or more students will receive a 40% discount.

Those who register for classes through Safety Training Seminar CPR classes will receive a free poster in conjunction with the new AHA guidelines. These posters are available to provide key information to those who need it at a moment’s notice. By submitting information to us on our website, we will gladly send you a free copy of it so that you have it just in case you need it. There are several classes available through Safety Training Seminars for the General Public, Medical Professionals, Childcare Providers and more. There are also first aid classes available as well through Safety Training Seminars, which is another skill that is valuable to learn. The American Heart Association promotes learning these valuable skills in order to help save a life when an emergency arises. An emergency is called an emergency because it is a just in case, which is all the more reason to learn these valuable skills.

Advantages to taking CPR Through Safety Training Seminars

There are several advantages to taking classes through Safety Training Seminars for CPR. Petaluma students will be able to pay their fees on the day of the class when they arrive, whereas most organizations require payment in advance. STS recognizes that emergencies do arise, which means that if you were to pre-pay that you would lose that money if you were unable to make the class. STS ensures that you only pay if you actually take the class! STS also wants to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible when you are attending a class, which is why we offer complimentary soft drinks, granola bars, coffee, tea, candy and a comfortable seat to sit in. STS also offers online classes for you as well and provides you with the necessary certification cards that are legitimate, showing that you have in fact completed your classes. STS can be verified as a bona fide organization that will give you everything that you need to prove that you have in fact completed your course. You can register now and learn more about us when you visit us at www.concordcprclasses.com.